Standard of Hospital Care and Health Insurance in Kenya

Kenya has very many private and public hospitals in any major town and locality, especially in very remote areas like Mandera and Wajir or way up in the North. Unfortunately, Most of these health care facilities are of standard lower than international standards. Kenyan hospitals cry foul over lack of resources, poor distribution of these resources across the country and limited capabilities. Recently, there has been a problem following a doctor’s strike and many patients lost their lives.

The poor state of health sector in Kenya cannot be gainsaid given that many still die every year from communicable, preventable and curable diseases such as Malaria and Tuberculosis. Worse still, there is low subscription for health insurance in Kenya.

However, there are a few hospitals such as the AGA Khan that operate at western standard level of care. Still, there are limited facilities for advanced medical care and for treating advanced illnesses such as Cancer.

Both local and international citizens can access health insurance in Kenya and there are many insurance companies Kenya providing coverage. Most of the population rely on public coverage, which is mainly available to the employed, although unemployed can still voluntarily pay for health insurance plans. The insurance industry in the country is regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) and there are public and private players.

International health insurance providers
There are health insurance Kenya plans available for expats living in Kenya. In most cases, these are provided by private firms. An example of those providing international health insurance include Bupa International, AXA PPP International, Aetna Global, GIGNA, and Allianz. International health insurance plans are sometimes considerate if you are looking for a company that provides health insurance in and out of Kenya. Most local insurance companies in Kenya, despite providing aggressive health insurance plans, do not provide coverage for people outside the country.

Local health insurance in Kenya also sometimes falls off guaranteed renewability, provide low coverage limits and require that you inform them when you are travelling. Many will also not load your premium at renewal should your claims go up.

Other than going directly to the company, international expats willing to get international health insurance in Kenya can work with a number of brokers to get help. These brokers include JWS and Healthline Solutions Ltd.

There are many advantages of an international health insurance in Kenya. One is they provide a variety of coverage options and a high limit in Sterling, U.S. dollar and Euro. You can also claim payment in an international currency. These companies also provide a worldwide cover although they usually exclude USA.


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